Over 4.3 Million deaths occur from vaccine-preventable diseases each year. Many of these deaths can be prevented if the Vaccine Transport System (the "Cold Chain") was able to reduce vaccine wastage during outreach sessions. The Vac-Pac is a portable vaccine "cold carrier" which dramatically reduces vaccine wastage at an affordable price to Non-Governmental Organizations and Governments alike. The Vac-Pac has a variety of alternative uses as well. It can be used for organ transport, for recreational activities, by sports enthusiasts, and many other applications.


Vac Pac News

05-18-06: OneWorldMD is selected as a runner up in the Development Track in the MIT $100K competition

05-12-06: OneWorldMD is selected as a finalist in the MIT $100K competition

04-17-06: OneWorldMD wins first place in the 2006 William James Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition

04-08-06: OneWorldMD selected as a finalist for the William James 3rd Annual Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition

04-02-06: OneWorldMD wins two prizes at the Rice Business Plan Competition

03-23-06: OneWorldMD is selected as a semi-finalist for the MIT $100K competition

03-22-06: OneWorldMD wins the Social Impact Analysis award for the GSVC

12-01-05: OneWorldMD is selected winner of the MIT $1K competition in the Social Development category! This year was one of the the largest turnouts for the MIT $1K, with Social Development being the second most competitive category.


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